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Why us

Naturally we believe your choice in choosing Travelex International will be as a result of our ability to deliver effective and efficient travel management with a unique solution for your future travel management requirements. Our global power and national strength place us in the position of being able to exceed your expectations. Increasingly, as expenditure on business travel develops to become a decisive cost factor for a company, it must therefore fulfill economic expectations just as any other investment does. With professional, intelligent travel management by Travelex International, you can realise considerable savings on both direct and indirect costs by regulating expenditure effectively. Detailed cost-saving reports provide you with an optimum overview of all expenditure at any time, using reliable Management Information Systems. With many years experience, and awareness of the latest corporate travel management developments, our team ensures you receive value for your expenditure.

Our Solutions

The Travelex International solution is to develop an integrated purchasing strategy. We will listen, identify your needs and then devise a creative solution for each challenge that arises. We will deliver these solutions through the quality of our team and the strength to our business success. We are committed to recruiting and training only the highest calibre of staff for each travel specialty, including worldwide reservation service, multinational account management, global supplier relations, hotel programme development, destination and event management services and technology solutions. This philosophy can only serve its purpose if it is lived by every individual employee. At Travelex International therefore, you will only find people who are not just qualified with extensive education and training, but also committed people who adapt themselves completely to the companies they manage. Our solutions are created upon the philosophy "To do everything to minimise the organisation, work and costs involved in business travel for your company" and at the same time optimise the ease of service. You have high expectations, which we meet on a daily basis with individual service concepts ranging from online bookings to controlling, from need-analysis to a tailor-made complete solution. And because we do this with new ideas, in new ways and with a national and international network - it is often more than you expect.

Our Technology

Technology drives the efficiency of the products and services that we are able to offer our clients. You can be assured that the technology provided by Travelex International is the most effective and efficient available within the industry. In today's market place there is no development advance faster than in the area of computer technology. The challenge to offer customers "state-of-the-art" solutions is therefore all the greater. At Travelex International we provide a spectrum of solution modules which can be applied to each specific client. This makes it possible to simplify and control all aspects of travel management. Our leadership in technology guarantees you more than constantly innovative solutions, it guarantees above all the development of end-to-end solutions which make it possible to put consistent, reliable and precise cost-strategies into practice. Our e-commerce "on-line" solution offers our clients an ease of service that is unique in the e-commerce environment. Our consultancy team are able to offer a comprehensive solution for your online booking strategy. Business travel simply knows no boundaries, and effective travel management can only be fully productive if complete consolidation of data is assured. Wherever your employees travel, you are automatically kept up-to-date worldwide by our national and international Management Information Systems. You can analyse exactly and follow the course of every journey, step by step for later accounting.

Our Relationship

Partnership is something very personal. That is why Travelex International provides each of our clients with their own personal contact person, their account manager. Following the key principle of "one face to the customer", they collaborate with our clients directly in all matters concerning travel management. Together with our clients they develop new ideas and suggestions as to how procedures can be speeded up, processes optimised, and costs reduced in advance - a true partner, a true consultant. Travelex International offers our clients travel management solutions which can adapt precise individual specifications due to our modular "solutions" structure, and can at any time, according to requirements, be extended with different components or modified in their structure. This structure also continues to provide solutions as they arise. With Travelex International you are optimally prepared for the future - today.

The Future

We are constantly striving to improve and increase the products and services offered to our clients and this forms an integral part of our relationship. We believe, we must actively contribute to ensure that our travel management solution is relevant today and tomorrow. If you are prepared to travel new roads in business travel, we will be happy to give you further information about everything we can do for you. And that - as we have said - is more than you think.

“To be best company by our clients, partners and team – achieved through innovation and quality of services”

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